Things that Attract Mice

Usually, the mice will have the same needs as humans to survive. In case the things they need are readily accessible in your property, it is highly likely for them to pay you a visit. The mice will take advantage of every element in your house in order to make their lives comfortable. While they only require a small amount of food to sustain their health, they will create severe damage to your house.

Factors That Can Draw the Attention of Mice
Knowing the things that may draw the attention of the Paterson mice can help you determine the right solution for your mice problem. In this article, we will discuss some of the factors that will make your house inviting to these pesky critters.

The mice will prefer to establish their den in the warm area of our New Jersey house particularly when the temperature drops. The animal can detect the warmer side of the structure through the opening of the building. They can use this access hole to enter our house. Mice will be nesting close to the heater since this will give them a steady source of heat. They also look for the area that is away from the sight of humans.

The mice will not be able to resist the presence of food regardless if it is a leftover in our trash or a freshly-cooked meal. This makes them a primary problem on food industry such as on restaurants. Technically, the mice are considered omnivores. However, they will still prefer to eat foods that are high in carbohydrate such as grains, fruits, and seeds. Mice are opportunistic eaters and they can even survive by ingesting an ounce of water and food each day.

The Paterson mice will choose the areas that are cluttered that will make them feel at home. The place in our house that will give them hiding area will fit their description of a perfect den. Additionally, this rodent will be taking spoils of their hunting escapade back to their den. As the debris accumulates, this will encourage the other animal from denning in our house. Some of the cluttered area in our house includes our yard, attic, garage, and other obscure areas. If you have a pile of wood that you use as firewood, store this above the ground to avoid attracting mice. The clutters such as boxes, papers, and fabric can be used by the animal as nesting material.

Finally, the animal will also take advantage of the cracks and the holes in our house. It is probably the perfect time to patch up the damage in your walls and roof. Use a material that will be durable and will resist the incessant chewing habit of the mice. While there are various things that can draw the attention of this nuisance animal, there are also different ways on how you can prevent their infestation. You need to know how to determine the signs of infestation that will enable you to conduct removal or exclusion at the most crucial time.

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