Animals Chewing Electrical Wires

While you were visiting your attic, you happen to catch a glimpse of a few loose electrical wires. You also notice some chew marks on the insulation of the wires. Fortunately, you were able to discover it at this stage. Some people will only notice the problem when the lights are no longer functioning or when the wires has already become a fire hazard. The possible culprit of the chewed electrical wires would be wild animals.

List of New Jersey Animals That May Chew Electrical Wires
Wild animals love to take shelter in our attic. It is dark and warm and provides them a sense of safety and security. Unfortunately, they can cause severe destructions while they are staying in our attic. Proper identification of these animals is essential to find out how to expel them from your property.

The Paterson squirrel is one of the most common nuisance creatures that will invade out attic. You will usually encounter them during the nesting season. This tiny creature is far from being harmless. Their strong and sharp teeth are constantly growing. In order to control the growth of their teeth, they will need to chew tough materials such as plastic storage, wooden beams, and electrical insulation. According to an article at Hubpages, the squirrels are the cause of an average of 30,000 fires annually and an estimate of thousands of dollars in terms of property damages.

Millions of homeowners all over the world will have to deal with mice infestation on a yearly basis. They also love to create their nest in our attic since it shows less sign of human activity. There are times that they may chew things to find out if they are edible. Most of the time, they will chew things to wear down their incisors, just like the squirrels. In case there are mice dwelling in your house, you will hear their scratching and scampering noise at the wall and on the attic. Your electrical wires will not be safe from their sharp teeth.

Like all Paterson rodents, the rats will have to manage the growth of their teeth or it could be detrimental to their wellbeing. While the rats prefer to chew tough materials and will not necessarily target our electrical wires, the wires will sometimes be damaged since it is blocking their way. For instance, the hole that leads to the other room may be blocked by wires. In order to use that as an access hole, the rats will have to chew the electrical wires. Since they are larger compared to the mice, the damages that they may cause will also be more severe. In some cases, it may cause power disruption and fire.

In case you notice that the alarm of your house is suddenly going off without any viable reason or if the lighting in your house is flickering, then you might want to have your wiring inspected by the professionals. Once you discovered that a wild animal is the root cause of the problem, call the wildlife removal expert without any delay.

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